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Personality matters in sales. That’s just common sense. Despite this wisdom, personality typing efforts to increase sales competency have failed more often than they have succeeded. It’s only through research into a new approach to personality profiling at San Francisco State that the truth has been revealed. It’s not the personality of the salesperson that affects the sale; it’s the personality of the prospect that matters.

B.A.N.K. allows you to customize your sales pitch to tap into the unique needs and desires of potential buyers based on their “buying personality” in order to ensure that they understand your offer in terms they best relate to. Dr. Ryan T. Howell, an Associate Professor of Psychology and Statistics at San Francisco State University, has validated B.A.N.K. as an easy way to leverage personality types to make an offer more appealing to your prospect 100% of the time. We want to show exactly how Dr. Howell proved the already market-tested B.A.N.K. methodology works by giving you exclusive access to these amazing study results.


"The B.A.N.K. Code Assessment™ is a quick, reliable, and valid measure of personalities that predicts buying behavior and increases your probability of closing the sale."

— Dr. Ryan T. Howell

Associate Professor of Psychology, San Francisco State University

Co-Founder of Beyond The Purchase

B.A.N.K. Delivers Predictably Successful, Science-Based Methodology to Improve Relationships With Potential Customers and Dramatically Increase Sales Success

With B.A.N.K., it’s all about a simple methodology that will consistently deliver better sales results. B.A.N.K. allows you to:

  • Quickly institute a simple system for consistently higher returns on your sales efforts,

  • Skyrocket your sales income and success, and

  • Better pinpoint and serve the needs of your contacts,

  • Excel as a more competent salesperson, equipped with the latest developments in personality science.

Let us share our full results with you through insider access to our whitepaper on Dr. Howell’s independent investigation into the game-changing B.A.N.K. personality typing system. Experience for yourself how B.A.N.K. typing works by typing yourself right now below and go more in depth by reading the executive summary of Dr. Howell’s unprecedented results.

Read the descriptions you see below, then order the cards according to your own personality from the description most like you to the one you relate to least