The BANK™ Personality Sales Training System is a revolutionary training program designed to increase your sales up to 300%. This system was designed and formulated over the past decade by its author and creator, Cheri more


BANK™ is based on the theory of the four personality types, which dates back centuries in time, however it's unlike any other personality type program in the marketplace. The author and creator of the program, Cheri Tree, discovered a way to reverse engineer the concept of determining someone’s personality so that it's not solely focused on you, but rather focused on identifying the personality type of your prospect in less than 90 seconds. As a result, this simple technique allows you to dramatically improve your communication with your prospect, resulting in an increase to your sales up to 300%


Every business has two things in common: people and sales. Regardless of country, culture or language, every person in the world has a Personality Code, or what we like to call their BANK™ Code. By understanding and applying the BANK™ methodology into your everyday communication, you are able to connect faster and easier with every single person you come into contact with, personally and professionally. You will find that by using the BANK™ methodology you will rapidly build stronger and longer-lasting relationships, therefore creating incredible customer loyalty and value in your business. BANK™ will teach you how to communicate effectively with all four personality types, allowing you to easily connect with anyone - opening up unlimited opportunities for you personally and professionally. This “Movement” called BANK™ is truly changing the way human beings connect and communicate with one another around the world.


In our ever-changing global economy, there’s a new driving currency that is changing the landscape of business. This new currency is recognized worldwide as “People Currency.” Smart, innovative, trend-setting companies are focused on this alternative currency, simply because of its extensive, foundational business benefits. Research has determined when a business puts significant attention toward developing and building their People Currency the long-term benefits significantly enhance both the top-line revenue and the bottom-line profits. In fact, the leverage from the lifetime value of an average customer can be a large determining factor in the valuation of a company. The BANK™ methodology is on the leading edge of this new age business thinking.

For over a dozen years it is has been proven repeatedly, in a wide variety of industries, that when the BANK™ methodology and technology is applied in business, business sales revenues increase up to 300%. Business owners, entrepreneurs and sales professionals have literally coined BANK™ the “Game Changer” and the “Holy Grail” in business. Join thousands of professionals in more than 30 different countries who are currently implementing BANK™ into their day-to-day operations so they can accelerate business growth and capture market share locally and globally.