The BANK™ Personality Sales Training System is a revolutionary training program designed to increase your sales up to 300%. This system was designed and formulated over the past decade by its author and creator, Cheri more


1 Play The Game. Before you use BANK™ to code your prospects, it’s important that you Play The Game yourself and decipher your own BANK™ Code. Simply sort the four Value cards in order of priority, based on what you value most. This will reveal your personal BANK™ Code and will give you a better understanding of yourself and prepare you to be able to relate to your prospects as well.

2 Pass The Game. Now that you know your own BANK™ Code, it’s time to crack the code of your prospects. Simply send out your game link to clients, prospects, friends and colleagues and invite them to play the game using your BANK PASS™ subscription, which includes unlimited game plays for a nominal monthly fee.

3 Game Plan. The key to success with BANK™ is to M.A.P. out your Game Plan. M.A.P. stands for Massive Action Plan. If you’re ready to experience massive success, then it’s time to make your Game Plan for success. Global BANK Academy™ gives you access to tools and training that will help you reach your goals and TAKE IT TO THE BANK! Review our product portfolio and choose the level of training that gets you to your goal the fastest.

4 Get In The Game. It’s time to get off the sidelines and GET IN THE GAME! Time is money and your competition never sleeps. With BANK™, you have the inside advantage that can assist you with every aspect of communication, negotiation and presentation. BANK™ has been field-tested for more than 15 years and has proven to increase your sales and communication skills dramatically. With our 7-day, 100% money back guarantee, you’ve got nothing to lose! It’s time to GET IN THE GAME and PLAY TO WIN!


BANK™ is based on the theory of the four personality types, which dates back centuries in time, however it's unlike any other personality type program in the marketplace. The author and creator of the program, Cheri Tree, discovered a way to reverse engineer the concept of determining someone’s personality so that it's not solely focused on you, but rather focused on identifying the personality type of your prospect in less than 90 more

People Focused

Every business has two things in common: people and sales. Regardless of country, culture or language, every person in the world has a Personality Code, or what we like to call their BANK™ Code. By understanding and applying the BANK™ methodology into your everyday communication, you are able to connect faster and easier with every single person you come into contact more



For over a dozen years it is has been proven repeatedly, in a wide variety of industries, that when the BANK™ methodology and technology is applied in business, business sales revenues increase up to 300%. Business owners, entrepreneurs and sales professionals have literally coined BANK™ the “Game Changer” more


Chances are you've been using the exact same approach with all of your customers. As a result, you're leaving behind up to 75% of your potential reach.

The truth is, each of us fits into one of four unique personality types. When we only use one approach, we're only reaching one type of person. The other three personality types are left shaking their heads and walking away.

What if you had a personalized strategy for each of your customer's specific personality types? Imagine how many of those No's would instantly turn into a resounding "Yes!"